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The Curse is a puzzle game designed for Iphone , Ipad and Android. There 100 levels in The Curse game and we are happy to show you The Curse Walkthrough guide and bring you solution to The Curse Answers. Many levels are difficult and that's why The Curse is so interesting and challenging. The Curse Game is full of mystery and it takes you on the wind of your imagination to the world of freedom. The Curse Walkthrough is brought for you so you will be able to bypass hard levels and continue to play this amazing game. 

Click below to see The Curse Walkthrough for all the levels.









You can find more information about The Curse game in the author website. You can download The Curse here

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The Curse game made by Toy Studio LLC

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If you would like for example to see The Curse walkthrough for level 1 , you should choose in the menu above the "level 1-20" button and it will show you The Curse level 1 solution. You will be able to choose every level available and see its answers. The Curse walkthrough is great tool to skip hard stages.

Here are some screenshots from The Curse walkthrough website :







This website is dedicate to The Curse Walkthrough and The Curse Answers. We have information about how to solve The Curse game so we are happy to share with you the Curse Walkthrough. Please let us know if you have any questions about The Curse Answers we supplied to you in this website. We hope you will appreciate our effort to bring you The Curse Walkthrough guide.

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